• Le premier pas
    Le premier pas
    Alexandre, pushed by his father,  is a rising star in the world of junior figure skating. However, he dreams of pairing up with Rebecca- an older girl in his club- and dancing as a couple. A story of nascent desire and of getting one’s fingers burnt. Director: Jonathan Comnène Screenplay: Jonathan Comnène […]
  • Contorsion
    Faustine is a circus student living with all her classmates. When her body starts failing her, the young contortionist has to reconsider her future and her place in the group. An unexpected meeting will help her to move on… Director: Ingrid Chikhaoui Producer: Benjamin Celliez Production: Anoki With Manue Fleytoux 25 mins, HD, Sony […]
  • Frenching the Bully
    Frenching the Bully
    Fleur is an actress in her mid-twenties. She hasn’t got an agent. She hasn’t got a job.She’s being kicked out of her home – which is technically not her home, but her boyfriend’s family home, her boyfriend having died years ago. Fleur’s  life is a succession of dire auditions, catty […]
  • Les Invisibles
    Les Invisibles
  • Portrait en deux temps
    Portrait en deux temps
    Two episodes from a young Frenchwoman’s life in Madrid, where a familiar character resurfaces in a disturbing way. Director: Pablo Garcia Canga 52mis, black and white, HD, Canon 7D with Canon lenses, Spain.  
  • Weeping Willow
    Weeping Willow
    Adèle is cursed by her father, condemned by his last words to a solitary life. Now a young woman, she lives confined in her chateau, a gilded prison,  surrounded by a natural landscape at once abundant and pitiless. In the next village lives Louise, a child whose working family have […]
  • Isla Traena
    Isla Traena
    Isla Traena is a short film about grief, non-refundable engagement rings and D’Angelo. Starring Daniel Lawrence Taylor & Antonia Thomas Director: Freddy Syborn Camera: Red Production: Wit’s End Productions   
  • The Future is now
    The Future is now
    May 1981, the day before the final round of presidential elections in France. Claire, not yet sixteen, feels suffocated by the stuffy atmosphere at home. Dreaming of great change, she throws her energy into supporting François Mitterand.  She spars about politics with Marc, the son of a garage worker and […]