Art Film

  • Palimpsest
    Artist’s Film Ellen Sampson is an artist and writer whose work explores the relationships between bodily experience, memory and artefacts.  Ellen’s current practice examines the dissonance between object based and filmic records of movement. Through the production of artefacts  that imprint or break down as they are worn,  Sampson seeks […]
  • Reverie
    reverie | dazed dir: Stella Scott camera: As7 mark11 “I believe in a lot of things, I believe in love and I believe in peace too. Believing is saying that you can find a way, some way to breakthrough.” These words shot by filmmaker Stella Scott in her new film […]
  • The Golden Triangle
    The Golden Triangle
    At the edge of Paris, where the rivers of the Seine and Marne meet, Sheylla shares memories, encounters and feelings from the journeys that have brought her here. We can see that she’s preparing to leave again, but which path should she choose when she can go in any direction? […]
  • Objects to see further with
    Objects to see further with
    Objects to See Further is a film by artist and filmmaker Matt Stokes, developed as part of his residency with Great North Run Culture’s ‘Great North Greats’ programme: a year-long series of events, exhibitions, activities and exploration into the people of the north east and their extraordinary achievements. Objects to See […]