• Girl Boxers
    Girl Boxers
    The Boxing Beats club in Aubervilliers, northwestern Paris, teaches classic boxing to young women. At other clubs, women learn French boxing, Thai kickboxing, aeroboxing or dynamic boxing. Whether professionals, amateurs or hobbyists, they are now taking part in a famously violent, male-dominated sport that has only been open to women […]
  • The First Great Escape
    The First Great Escape
    The extraordinary story of 29 POWs who in 1918 dug a tunnel to freedom right under the noses of their German guards, using spoons and their bare hands. This little known WW1 achievement at Holzminden POW camp in Germany inspired the infamous Great Escape years later. Director: Max Jourdan Production: […]
  • Like Love
    Like Love
    In Brighton, the seaside heart of alternative England, Jacob and Ramona share a colourful life together filled with art, metaphysics and the occasional drag queen. At his family home for Passover, Jacob revisits the fateful day that changed everything, when he dived into shallow water and broke his neck.  Like Love is […]
  • Birds Get Vertigo Too
    Birds Get Vertigo Too
    Shaena balances on a large metal hoop, suspended in space. Barnz,  gripping the other end of the rope, watches her intensely, waiting for her every move.  At an almost imperceptible sign from Shaena, Barnz glides up the king pole, bringing her down to earth. When she is up, he is […]