birds get vertigo too


Shaena balances on a large metal hoop, suspended in space. Barnz,  gripping the other end of the rope, watches her intensely, waiting for her every move.  At an almost imperceptible sign from Shaena, Barnz glides up the king pole, bringing her down to earth. When she is up, he is down, when she is down, he is up: it’s more than just a physical balancing act- with this mixture of fear, desire, tension and inter-dependence, this acrobatic duet becomes a metaphor for love.  

Director: Sarah Cunningham
Producer: Mathilde Wagman
Production: La Fémis
With Shaena Brandel and Barnz Munn

Shot on S16mm with Zeiss superspeeds

Lutin for Best documentary, 2011
Best short film, Festival du Dinard, 2009
Best Cinematography, Festival de Silhouette, 2010
Special Jury Prize, Rencontres Henri Langlois, 2009
Audience award, Festival du Cinéssonne, 2009
Prize for most innovative exploration of cinematic language, Festival Brasileiro de Cinema Universitario, 2010